Estimates and Quoting

Our minimum charge for any job is $90.00.

Combined Lounge and Dining rooms are considered two rooms.

Stairs are charged per step.

Lounge suites are priced by seating positions for instance a three seater lounge suite will fit three normal sized people, making this example a seating area of 3.

The prices for our services given to you over the phone – email are subject to inspection of the job before work commences.

The technician will then inspect the carpet and stains before work commences. Advice on stains being removed can be then formally discussed onsite.

The technician will also confirm the price with you before work commences.

Generally price’s given over the phone are very accurate when based on the information given to us by the customer. On booking we will ask you about stains and a range of other associated questions concerning the job.

The technician will sometimes quote extra after inspection when the following occurs;
There are extra rooms or areas that we were not told about.
The rooms are larger than 12m2. (average bedroom area)
Carpet is heavily soiled and needs our scrub pre-treatment to satisfactorily assist in dirt and stain removal.
Some stains require extra treatments which incur extra costs.
There are animal stains or odours that require extra treatments.

Spotting and Stain Removal

Normal spots and stains are included in the cleaning price although they are not guaranteed to be totally removed as some stains can be permanent.

Difficult stain removal is not included in the cleaning price such as;
Aged cordial, red wine, curry, rust stains, urine, paint, ink etc.

If difficult stain removal procedures are required these will be quoted before work commences.

PureClean does not guarantee stain removal deemed permanently stained.

General Conditions

All prices quoted include GST. Payment with Paypal or Visa/Mastercard will attract a 2% surcharge.

Prices for a room are to a maximum size of 12m2 quoted by phone/email.

PureClean cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed. This will depend on stain age, carpet construction and stain type.

PureClean cannot be responsible for any pre-existing conditions not apparent upon visual inspection. These can include but are not limited to, carpet de-lamination, loosely stretched carpet, previous liquid and pet stains etc, sun faded and effected carpet, unstable dye in rugs and upholstery.

We will warrantee our workmanship only when claims are made within 3 business days from work finishing. This needs to be in writing, and emailed to craig@pureclean.com.au.

Free Offers

These are offered on the following terms.

Free Mattress cleaning consists of quality vacuum, 1 coat of encap to act as a conduit, then a 6% peroxide sanitiser treatment. Excessive stains are not included with this free offer.

Free Stain Master upgrade treatment consists of Bonnet Pro Guardian protector, mixed with Bright All, to manufacturers recommended usage.

Free mould & stain treatment, Deodorising treatment & Guardian Treatment is based on the one mix of Bonnet Pro double strength Encapsulation detergent mixed with Guardian Fortifier.

Please note not all stains will be removed with this treatment only. Specialised treatments may need to be used which are not included in our Free offer.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our standard cleaning method uses encapsulation detergent,mixed with bright all to achieve our cleaning process, this process takes out many of the marks and stains generally found in your carpet & upholstery. We do not, and cannot guarantee every stain in your carpet & upholstery will be removed with this method of cleaning alone, due to the nature of the stain, the carpet & upholstery condition, solvents & cleaners used on the stain before which can set the stain permanently by the resident or other cleaning companies which we have had no control over.

Our satisfaction policy is to be read to be transparent & honest, if the cleaning is in any way lacking in your expectations, we will, at no cost to you reclean the area of concern, using our cleaning method outlined above. If the stain does not come out again in this process, PureClean have the right to deem the stain as a “Specialty Stain Treatment”, where a special range of various chemicals will need to be applied to the stain, for permanent removal. This method can be costly and very time consuming, and PureClean will not guarantee to remove this sort of stain 100% in this event.

Specialty Stain Treatments are quoted onsite or posted/emailed in the event we are called back for a reclean, under the satisfaction guarantee guidelines . If PureClean are called back for a reclean of any area of customer concern, and the area is redone using our standard process, and the Specialty Stain Treatment is needed to remove the stain, the customer has the right not to go ahead with the onsite quote, at no obligation.

 PureClean only warrant the satisfaction guarantee for the initial cleaning visit, and a second follow up visit for any area of concern using our standard cleaning process only, after this,extra costs will apply if the stain needs Specialty Stain Treatment.