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How can you pick the right quote? Quote for carpet cleaning

In simple terms there are two levels of carpet cleaning – quick and cheap vs quality deep cleaning.  A deep clean follows a five (5) or seven (7) step process depending on the condition of the carpet.

You will get what you pay for – this is because the price reflects more the time and effort your carpet cleaner takes to do the job.  If it’s cheap you will probably get a quick two (2) step clean which is more likely to leave “sticky residue” in the carpet.

“Sticky residue” can lead to “rapid resoiling” so the carpet will appear dull and grey in a shorter span of time and require more frequent cleaning.
A cheap clean may be using lesser (cheaper or older) equipment and chemicals which similarly can affect the end result.  This may also leave the carpet wetter at the end.

A cheap quote may also not be all inclusive of charges for solvents and spotting, etc.

A quality carpet cleaner will spend up to 1 1/2 to 2 times longer to complete the full process and provide you with a better and longer lasting result.

Also, make sure you are using a reputable carpet cleaner. you can ring and ask an independent body such as the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute for accredited and reputable carpet cleaners in your area.

Which type of cleaning is better for you – Steam, Dry or Encapsulation?

Both dry and steam carpet cleaning methods can provide good results provided they are applied properly by the carpet cleaning technician.

If the technician does the job quickly such as a 2 step clean rather than covering the 7 steps as set out by the Australian Standards Guidelines for Carpet Cleaning then the carpet may look clean initially but could be prone to rapid re-soiling. This is due largely to a higher level of residue left deeper in the pile after cleaning.

“Encapsulation” carpet cleaning has evolved over the last 10 years and provides excellent results that will continue to reduce carpet re-soiling well after the carpet has been cleaned. This therefore has the benefit that the carpet will stay cleaner longer.

Encapsulation also uses much less water and heat than steam cleaning allowing your carpet to dry much faster when the job is complete.

Tests conducted by the University of Michigan proved that encap will wrap up and suffocate all living organisms such as mould and bacteria during the curing process whereas HWE actually increased activity so it makes sense to go with encap.

Soak and Suck     High quality carpet clean

What happens when the job is not done to the Australian Standard?

Areas of carpet not cleaned – especially note furniture moving;
Wickback – common problem with cheap cleaning – expensive to get redone a month later;
Rapid re-soiling – carpet starts looking tired after three months or so – dull grey appearance and more frequent cleaning required;
Longer drying time – may eat into client time;
Shorter life of the carpet;
Cost of calling in another operator to fix the problem.

Questions for you to ask or to be itemised

What steps do you perform in your clean?
What level of spot and stain removal is included?
Define the level of furniture movement;
Speed of drying – do you do any grooming, padding??
Check the quote covers all areas;
Is any protection included in the quote?
What guarantees do you put on your work?
Time of day or night for cleaning – weekday/weekend;
Are you willing to do a demonstration – free demo?

Ask what after completion service do you offer?