FAQ – you may have

Q:   Is “PureClean” a fancy name for dry cleaning?
A:    No. The PureClean Carpet Cleaning technology is accurately described as low moisture cleaning and actually dries faster than traditional wet systems.

Q:   What types of carpet can you clean?
A:    The PureClean Carpet Cleaning system is effective on all carpet and fibre types, even silk rugs.

Q:   How much do you charge?
A:   PureClean Carpet Cleaning represents incredible value for money as unlike other cleaning systems you get twice the value with our 2 in 1 cleaning and protection. Our all in one pricing means that there are absolutely no hidden extras. With PureClean Carpet Cleaning you will never be pressured into buying additional services or products. We can even supply you with a bottle of our specially formulated spotting detergent for a nominal extra charge of $12.00. For an accurate service costing please call us on 0407 282 018 or email for an obligation free quote.

Q:   Can you clean my lounge and dining chairs?
A:    Yes. PureClean Carpet Cleaning are upholstery specialists and all operators are certified Government Certified Technicians trained by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute.

Q:    How long does cleaning take?
A:    Time is a variable that can only be gauged accurately by an on-site inspection. However, the PureClean system is so effective and efficient that we always aim to minimise the impact we may have on your busy day.

Q:    When can I walk on my carpets after cleaning?
A:    Immediately. Unlike other wet or dry systems, PureClean gives you the advantage of faster drying times than you’ve ever experienced before.

Q:   Will all stains be removed?
A:    Spots are removable, while stains tend to be permanent. Yet the appearance of carpet stains can be improved even when the stain cannot be fully removed. We will endeavour to fully remove any stain, if we can’t get it out competely, no one can.

Q:   Is your work Guaranteed?
A:    We do not guarantee to remove permanent stains, but will endeavour to achieve the best result. If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of the cleaning call us within a week of the cleaning and we will happily arrange a free re-clean.